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Project Manager (HR Data Warehouse)

July 29, 2021

Job Description

Description & Scope:

PM HR Data Warehouse​ (implementation project) - The assignment should start as soon as possible!

Introduce a common data warehouse for HR data cross applications​
We need to staff a project manager for a new project to form our data layer for HR. The assignment consists of two pieces:

Deliver a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for the data layer (data warehouse)
Build a stable product team that can take continue to deliver features on the product beyond the MVP using Agile with Scrum methods.

Additionally, the assignment includes to consider the following:

Data deletion (GDPR) – If we delete data from source system (SAP HR, etc), data need to be deleted from data layer as well.
NDA/background checks – Do we need extra precautions for product team due to very sensitive data
Azure SQL vs Shared SQL – Embedded report in ARB material says “Shared” SQL (on premise), but Azure SQL gets closer the longer we wait
Establish data governance for HR (according to Group data governance) 

The project manager should have experience from data warehouse projects.

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